A-Dream boys (studs)


A-Dream's Kenia

This stunning F2, 50/50 stud is a beautiful wooly, 18lb, 1 blue and 1 blue parti eyed stud.  He has produced  the most beautiful tiny fluffy Pomsky puppies.  He is truly calm, sweet, and incredibly intelligent.  He is a 2x ribbon winner from Pomskyfest and one of our sweetest babies. 


A-Dream's Rolo F2b, 25% husky and 75% Pom

This is our beautiful Rolo-Bear 2b mini Pomsky from Perfect Pomskies.  He is a true treasure and gives us the most beautiful chocolate sable babies ever.  His Pomsky puppies are both wooly and standard coat with beautiful blue, green, and gold eyes.  He weighs in at a whopping 8lbs.  Rolo is a true treasure. 


A-Dream's Winston (co-owned with Oxana Perfect Pomskies

This stunning F1 mini Pomsky Winston is a 14lb red boy and a true show stopper.  He is absolutely breathtaking, sweet, and you can't deny how smart this guy is.  He is best friend to my 5 year old son and absolutely wonderful with children.  Winston makes some of the most beautiful pomsky puppies.  We are so very proud to share this boy.

A-Dream Pomsky Boys (studs)


Sire Toby Prince of Paws

Our Founding Pomeranian stud Toby.  What can I say, he is beautiful, sweet, and oh so tiny.  He has produced many beautiful Pomskies for us and is Grandfather to our beautiful Kenia, Ashka, Great Grandfather to our Ashton.  This sweet boy is the snuggle buddy to our 5 year old and sleeps with him every night.  We are very particular with our temperaments and Toby truly is one of the sweetest dogs of all time.



This gorgeous tai-colored Pom stud is a new stud to our kennel.  He is known around the house for his quirky personality.  He is always doing some goofiness that makes us all laugh.  He is the beloved bed snuggle buddy of my 12 year old and is truly amazing with children.  He comes from a long line of truly sweet, calm, loving Pomeranian's and definitely passed our temperament test to join our program.  He has given us absolutely glorious Pomsky puppies and will continue on in our program.  Love this guy and you will love his stunning puppies as well. .


Ashton F2 Toy Pomsky

Meet Ashton, chocolate silver, micro/pocket/toy Pomsky.  He is truly beautiful and 2x ribbon winner at Pomskyfest taking first place in toy male puppy and second in the overall male toy category.   We look forward to seeing toy pomsky puppies from Ashton in the future. 

A-Dream Pomsky Girls


A-Dream's Cheena (50/50, F2)

Cheena, our beautiful F2 toy, wooly, red, Pomsky girl.  Cheena is mother to some gorgeous Pomsky Puppies.  She is the sweetest, most friendly, loving little girl.  We just adore our Cheena.  She weighs in at a whopping 10lbs and has produced some super tiny toy Pomskies for us.  Watch our page to see our newest babies, to include, Cheena babies coming soon. 


A-Dream's Ashka (50/50, F1)

This beautiful F1 Agouti mini weighs in at 10.5lbs, is wooly, and perfect.  She is mother to our gorgeous Ashton and has created some of the most beautiful Pomskies in the world.  This stunner is not only beautiful, but she is know for her "husky talking" antics and super snuggly ways.  We adore this girl and her babies possess the husky talking abilities as well as her snuggly personality.  .


Stormie Blue 25/75

Stormie blue, the F1b blue pomsky.  This gorgeous little blue girl with blue eyes is just mesmerizing.   She is just 25% husky and produces some of the smallest puppies.  She is daughter to our Ashka and half sister to Ashton.  This beautiful girl has produced some glorious pups for us.  We look forward to seeing Stormie babies in the future, maybe even a rare blue!!!

A-Dream Husky Girls


A-Dream's Liza (husky)

Liza is a  small wooly husky who loves to talk and say hi to everyone.  She is a very sweet, laid back, and small husky weighing in at only 37lbs she gives us some gorgeous tiny babies.  She has produced grays, sables, and silvers.  We love seeing Liza babies and look forward to showing you. 


A-Dream's treasure (husky)

Treasure is an absolutely beautiful black and white husky.  She weighs in at 43lbs and is a true wooly joy here.  She has produced primarily toy and mini puppies. She is wooly, sweet, and a true joy to have around the farm.  She is an excellent mother and her puppies are wonderful with children.  Watch for Treasure babies as they are truly beautiful. 


A-Dream's Denali, (husky)

I get asked regularly if this girl is a wolf.  I laugh and of course say no she's an Agouti husky.  She weighs just 40lbs and is breathtaking.  This beautiful color is expressed in both Pomskies and in huskies and gives them a truly wild look.  Denali and Ashka are our two Agouti babies.  I simply love this wild, non-traditional husky look.  She has given us some truly stunning puppies.  Watch for Denali babies in the future.  She is such a sweet girl.  We love her to the moon.  

A-Dream Pomsky Husky Girls


A-Dream's Meeshka

This beautiful girl.  She is mother to my Ashka, grandmother to  Stormie, and gives us the most beautiful of wooly pomsky puppies. We love Meeshka babies.  She truly gives us little mini puppies that are to die for. We have several true medical service dogs from her.  She is truly brilliant and a wonderful family dog.  Watch our pomsky puppies page for updates and future Meesha puppies.  


A-Dream's Cali

Beauty, strength, and love describes this  girl.  She is truly one of my calmest husky girls.  She has produced several service dogs from her lines as well as emotional support pomskies.  This gorgeous laid back girl will shock you with the beauty and calm nature of her pups.  Stay tuned for Cali babies.  


A-Dream's Xena

From her breathtaking coat to her glorious blue eyes this lovely lady is a wonderful part of our breeding program.  We have not yet had pups from her, but we look forward to seeing baby Xena's here very soon.  She is a truly wonderfully sweet baby girl and a welcome friend here on our farm.  Xena babies coming soon summer to fall 2019.