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This is a legal and binding contract between A-Dream Pomsky Kennels (Tawnica J. Burton) and______________________________________________. 

A_________________________________________________________________________________________________. Phone number___________________E-mail________________

This contract is for the purchase of Pomsky puppy: Sex______ Color:_____________  Eye color_____________________known as (Litter name):__________ and is displayed on A-Dream Pomskies Website & Facebook page. Puppy adoption fee $______________. Shipping of $______________.

I Tawnica J. Burton owner proprietor of A-Dream Pomsky Kennels I will provide the above puppy will be in good health, fully vaccinated, vetted, wormed, and registered. Puppy will come with a puppy health guarantee as well and be in good health at time of pick up.  I will provide a lifetime commitment to the pups as well as to new owners. I will be available by phone, or e-mail to provide any and all assistance with new puppies. I do this because I want you both to succeed and have a happy and wonderful story for years to come. I will respond within 24 hours of contact at all times. This is my lifelong commitment to all animals born under my care.  Initial__________________________  Date:_____________________ 

A-Dream Pomsky kennel can not guarantee exact size, eye color, weight, coat length, or other characteristics. While we have been raising Pomskies for some time and we are pretty accurate with our estimates; the Pomsky is a new breed and there may be circumstances for which we have not yet seen.  

By entering into this contract I agree to provide adequate veterinarian care, feed, Loving environment with lots of human attention, and care for my animals. I will not under any circumstances, or at any time allow my animals to be part of puppy milling (using above listed animal for multiple repetitive breeding’s without a break, not providing adequate food, caring for animal in poor conditions, not seeking vet care, or providing vaccinations), beating or other abuse towards animals. Should I engage in above activities, or allow someone else to harm my dog I forfeit my right to above animal and will surrender it to A-Dream Pomsky Kennels without compensation willingly.  If I am allowed to breed I will comply with above and adhere to the standards of the International Pomsky Association breeder’s agreement.  

Breeding allowed for this Pomsky: Yes_________ No_____X____,

If check marked no under breeding allowed you have until puppies are 6 months of age to have them spayed, or neutered. If you do not have them spayed, or neutered, you forfeit our rights to the animal and it may be repossessed by A-Dream Pomsky Kennels without compensation for monies paid and at your cost for all costs accrued by A-Dream Pomsky Kennel in this process.  This may include, attorney fees, private investigator, collectors, ect.

Initial_____________________________  Date:________________________ 

Should I be asked I will provide updated pictures of animals at the request of Mrs. Burton within one week (7 days) of each request so Mrs. Burton may insure health of animals during the course of it’s life.  Any breach of above contract will relinquish my rights to the above animals and it will be returned to A-Dream Pomsky Kennels in the care of Tawnica J. Burton. If I do not return the above animals I understand and willingly accept it is within A-Dream Pomsky Kennel, Tawnica J. Burton’s, right to repossess the animals listed above. Should I request to return my dog for any reason; no questions will be asked, the above animals will be taken in my A-Dream Pomsky Kennels. We have pups with full knowledge we may need to bring them back to us at some point and have the facilities and room to house them prior to even allowing a litter to be born. This is our vow to our dogs for their lifetime.  

If am unable to provide care for my animals, or do not want my animals anymore; I will return the above animals to A-Dream Pomsky without return of paid fees. Should I desire to rehome my Pomskies; A-Dream Pomsky kennel will be notified and must approve new owner and have a new contract written between the new owner and A-Dream Pomsky Kennel; after then exchange of animals and fees is between said parties.  

Should I breach any part of my contract regarding care and safety of my dogs I in full knowledge by signing this contract understand I will send the dog back to A-Dream Pomsky Kennels at my own cost.  

Initial_____________________________  Date:________________________

Should the animal require repossession by A-Dream Pomsky Kennels I will be charged all costs accrued during the repossession and will not be compensated for the cost of the above animals, nor any cost accrued during my care of said animal.  

If I voluntarily relinquish said pup some if not all fees may be waived.  In reading this contract, it may seem firm, please understand, this is to protect our treasured babies for their lives.

Initial_____________________________  Date:________________________ 

Health Guarantee and lifetime commitment contract.

I Tawnica J. Burton have had all our animals screened to insure they are healthy and the best choice possible for producing future generations. We have had hip, eye, heart, ear, and spine clearance as well as verification for common congenital defects cleared via DNA testing. We have looked at not only our breeding parents, but also their grandparents and all bloodlines pertaining to our dogs. I guarantee we have done the best we can in providing you with a healthy happy puppy, however there may be genetics which were unknown and beyond our control that may affect your puppy. Although this has never happened to us we are providing you the buyer with the below option should something arise.  

We are providing a two year congenital defect warranty. What this means is if your puppy should become ill with a life threatening congenital defect within the first two years of life you the purchaser, may choose a puppy from our kennel, different bloodline, of equal value at our expense. The process to invoke guarantee will be as follows. You the buyer will provide A-Dream Kennels with proof of illness from a licensed veterinarian. Once this is received you will take the puppy to a local vet of our choosing for second confirmation of illness. We will have the puppy examined by our vet at our cost. Should it be verified that the puppy indeed as a life threatening congenital defect you will be provided with, another puppy with full care, vaccines, health certificate, flown to you at our expense. Should the pup be determined not ill, you will be responsible for the additional vet fees and will retain your dog, unless you want to return it then the above applied. On our end the dogs who created the genetic issue will be spay/neutered and your new puppy it will not be from the same bloodlines.  Understand that this contract does not mean we will pay for veterinary expenses for treatment of a seriously ill animal for the rest of its life in your care. 

Initial_____________________________  Date:________________________ 

It means we will provide for its care at our home and with our vet. Unfortunately congenital life threatening issues cannot be cured and most animals will not benefit from treatment. That being said there are ways to make a sick dog’s life easier, no different than humans with chronic illness. Either way, should this happen, we want to be where our baby spends it’s last days. This is our commitment to our dogs. 

The health guarantee pertains to genetic issues related to the parentage, or breeding of your puppy. We do not cover medical issues related to the normal aging process, accidents in your care, or health issues related to poor diet, or related to poor care. Feeding dogs poor quality foods can lead to health issues down the line and a shorter lifespan for your dog.

The purchaser has 72 hours to take their puppy to their vet to confirm the puppy is healthy as stated in their health certification provided by A-Dream Pomsky Kennels and our veterinarian. Should the puppy be found to be in poor health purchaser’s veterinarian and our veterinarian may engage in dialog regarding treatment and cost. Anything simple will be provided by A-Dream Pomksy Kennel, such as worming, ect. Should a congenital defect be found the life threatening congenital defect guarantee will hold true for the purchaser.  

Prior to shipping the puppy has received 2 sets of puppy vaccines as is standard. The puppy has been dewormed three times. We express that vaccines do not provide full protection against disease and your puppy is to considered immune until three weeks after their third vaccine which you will get at 11 weeks old. Please do not take your puppy to public places! Wash your hands prior to handling your puppy. Parvo, Distemper, Coccidiosis, Giardia are highly contagious diseases that can make your puppy very sick, or even die. Keeping your baby home is the only way to keep them safe! Speak to your vet about when is a safe time to be out in public.

Initial_____________________________  Date:________________________ 

If your puppy contracts a contagious disease because you did not adhere to the advice your guarantee is void.  

 Again, we do not cover sick, or unhealthy animals that have received poor care from their new homes. You must provide adequate food, shelter, temperature, grooming, and continued vet care to ensure a good, long healthy life for your puppy.  Should any harm, or death, arise we will invoke the repossession clause and take possession of said animal if alive and we will seek legal punitive damages on the behalf of the puppy.

 Dear Purchaser our contract is set up to protect you, A-Dream Pomsky Kennel’s LLC, and the beautiful new baby you will soon have. Some of our terms may sound firm and concerning, but if a purchaser provides basic care for the animal the way it should be cared for you have nothing to worry about. On our end it holds us to the highest standards of dog breeding. This is what separates us from the backyard breeder, the puppy mill. It makes a definite line between us and those who are not providing good care, love, future home screening, and are committed to the lives that through their actions that were created.  

For your safety and ours, out of state purchase contracts are processed through PayPal. Please allow for 3 business days for payment to process prior to shipment. Puppies not paid in full 3 days prior to flight will have their flight delayed. 

Initial_____________________________  Date:________________________ 

We do ask that you activate your microchip for your new puppy and place us as secondary contact on the home again contract. This ensures that if for some unforeseen reason no one can contact you that the puppy does not end life in a shelter. Tawnica J. Burton, 790161 S. 3340 Rd. Perkins, Ok. 740659. 1-907-310-6614.

Understanding puppy vaccines and immunity. Please keep in mind puppies are susceptible to many diseases especially after the stress of being away from mom and siblings (this stress often will cause a few days of loose stools). Helping the puppies digestive system helps improve their immune system. Things that can help reduce stress and therefor improve immunity are to keep your puppy in a calm and quite area. Cover their crate with a sheet at night so they can not see you. Give them a teddie bear to cuddle; this simulates siblings. Change food slowly. Puppy will come with food from home. To transition use 1/3 a cup of your new food with 2/3 a cup of home food x3 days, then 2/3 cup of your food with 1/3 cup of home food x3 days and then transition to new food completely.  

While having diarrhea the first few days is absolutely normal, it also increases the chance of picking up parasites and bacteria to include, coccidiosis, giardia, or intestinal worms to name a few. These infections will also leave your puppy more susceptible to majorly bad bugs such as Parvo and Distemper and overall make them not feel well if nothing else.  When you get your new puppy they have had 2 sets of vaccinations at 5.5 weeks and 8 weeks.  

Initial_____________________________  Date:________________________

To complete and be considered to have a good amount of immunity they must complete the series and to do this they need 3 sets. Vaccines are given at 6, 8, and 11 weeks old. They are not considered to have immunity until three weeks after the third vaccine. They have also been dewormed several times and started on probiotics. What does this all mean for you?

First it means we should try to keep puppy away from areas where other dogs visit, other than your own. Do not take them out! No petco, no dog parks, no training courses until at least 14 weeks old. Please repeat deworming at 11 weeks with their booster as well. Most importantly I recommend not unnecessary exposure until 9 months old. What would be a safer activity other than a dog park, or pet store, is puppy classes as everyone there must be vaccinated.  Again, not until 14 weeks, or three weeks past the third set of vaccinations. 

Next is to promote good gut bacteria and keep intestinal worms at bay. We deworm puppies at 4, 6, 8, and 11 weeks. We then deworm once every 2 months until a year old. Intestinal worms really can make puppies very sick. We also feed probiotics twice daily to promote good gut bacteria. You can get probiotics from your vet, over the counter (human probiotics), or feed 1tbsp of Activia in the am and one at night. Continue this treatment for several months, and start up again for two weeks any time you see loose stools.  

Initial_____________________________  Date:________________________

Should your puppy ever have loose stools for more than a few days, or become lethargic (sleepy acting, more than normal), please take them to the vet as there can be many causes of diarrhea and your puppy may become dehydrated. Always take your puppy to the vet if you see blood in the stool, or if they throw up more than one time.  

Remember your puppy does not have much of an immunity util three weeks after the third vaccine. Wash your hands before holding them. Do NOT set them down on the floor at the vets office. Do not leave shoes down where they can chew on them and pick up invisible bacteria you may have walked through. Do not let others touch your puppy without washing their hands thoroughly. Do not let a friend bring their puppy over for a play date until after both your puppy and the visiting puppy have had three sets of vaccines and are three weeks past their last vaccine.  

Do not feed your puppy anything but kibble, or in very small portions treats. Never feed your puppy chicken, turkey, or pork bones. We also ask our client’s to lay on the floor of their home, look around, if you see it, your puppy sees it and can and will get into trouble. Things such as table lamps can be lethal to a small puppy. They chew and tug on a cord until the lamp falls on their little heads and can even kill them. Keep all cords, cleaning products, household plants, and other sources of danger up and away from your puppy. They are teething, they will chew! In addition there are sprays made for dogs that taste bad and will not harm furniture, or clothing. They sell theses sprays online and at pet stores.  

Initial_____________________________  Date:________________________

Always provide lots of chew bones and toys such as Kong toys, pig ears, cow hooves, and real bones. Do not ever use raw hide bones. They can create blockages in a puppies tummy. Keeping your baby safe is up to you and while we do cover your baby and stand with you, we can not cover reckless, or careless behaviors. 

To help your puppy get found if lost we  have placed a microchip topline between shoulders of pup. Remember this is not a beacon, but something that can be scanned if your pup ends up in a shelter. To find your pup when lost there are many GPS tracking collars now and we do sincerely recommend getting one. Pomskies are expensive, but more than that is is an inexpensive option that can save your baby and you a great deal of heartache. Heart worm treatment has not been provided as none of our animals are positive for heart worm and are treated as adults, however puppy should be treated preventively from your local vet starting at 4 months of age. Puppy will also require a Rabies vaccine that cannot be given prior to 4 months of age. We recommend all spay and neutering to occur between the age of 4 months and 5.5 months prior to the animal becoming sexually active and once it has reached a safe size for the procedure.  

 We do ask that you activate your microchip for your new puppy and place us as secondary contact on the home again contract. This ensures that if for some unforeseen reason no one can contact you that the puppy does not end life in a shelter. Tawnica J. Burton, 790161 S. 3340 Rd. Perkins, Ok. 74059. 1-907-310-6614. 

Initial_____________________________  Date:________________________

Please understand, I have worked for many years to create my lines. I have spent thousands in creating the perfect pomskies and beautiful healthy dogs. You will benefit from my years of hard work by obtaining a healthy dog. It is because of the care invested that we are so strict with our contract. Bottom line, love your baby, keep them safe, and all is well.

By signing below I indicate I have read and agree to all terms detailed in this 12 page contract as detailed above. 

A-Dream Kennels e-signture : Tawnica J. Burton____  Payee_______________________________

A-Dream Pomsky Kennels LLC. 790161 S. 3340 Rd. Perkins, OK 74059  1-(907)-310-6614, 1-(907-360-4932