About A-Dream Pomskies


A-Dream Pomsky Kennel, our history.

Welcome to A-Dream Pomsky Kennel.  The idea to breed the Pomsky comes from an interesting story and my life in Alaska.  I grew up the the North with huskies and husky crosses as pets. (picture connected is myself as a child with Alaskan Husky pups).  My first litter was at the tender age of 14 years old and with my father's guidance I was hooked.  Now, 27 years later I have raised my own lines for many years and now on to the small husky, aka, the Pomsky.  I have driven sled, skijored with my dogs, and been at the Iditarod each year.  The husky is in my blood.  While working as a RN I had the privilege of providing services to individuals in assisted living homes.  I met a wonderful ex-musher who lived in a home where he could have a dog, but not a large one.  His life had been centered around his huskies and now without them he was in a deep depression.   We began research to find a "small husky" and it lead me to the Pomsky.  We already owned a couple female huskies and then the search for not only a Pom, but the right Pom began... the rest is history.  Now, we are dedicated to this remarkable breed.  It is my greatest goal and dream to see the Pomsky become not only a designer breed, but a world recognized formal breed.  This is our goal, our dream, and why we are here today. 

Getting the right lines

As a RN, my first thought was that the Pomsky will be face level to a small child.  It is imperative to find not only beautiful dogs, but those with the best, most calm, kind, gentle temperament possible.  Being from the far north I had ability to search many kennels to find the best Huskies money could buy.  Investing in dogs that were thousands, not hundreds, became the game.  To get the healthiest, most balanced, beautiful dogs available became our mission.  While there are other Pomsky kennel's to choose from, we can boast, to be one who has focused on temperament and our client's will attest to the quality we have produced.  We frequently hear that our owner's feel our dogs can tell what they are thinking.  Finding a calm, healthy, wonderful Pomeranian was some work, but I can tell you we have found them for sure.  Working with some wonderful Pomeranian kennels from local and International lines we have found Pomeranian's that are calm and wonderful with children.  We truly are bless to have our gorgeous boys.

The Pomsky as a Service Dog

We have been so honored and privledged to produce several true service dogs and many dogs of service caring for individual's with PTSD, Autism, and other mental health issues.  The Pomsky is a brilliant dog that desires strongly to please their owner.  They are truly are a empathetic dog. 

Registration and Breed Clubs

We are currently registered with the International Pomsky Association and the Pomsky Breeder's Association.  Being part of a breed club helps us develop the Pomsky in hopes to someday create a recognized breed.  Working together with other kennels helps up get to that goal.  We have had the honor to judge the first two Pomsky dogs shows as well as compete in Pomskyfest and be judged by two AKC judges.  We did very well and are so excited.  Shows and competitions get us closer to our ultimate goal for the breed. 

Raising Pomskies.

We are located on 20 acres, our dogs are on acres and not in kennels.  We have a firm belief that our dogs need to be happy and loved as well as create beautiful Pomskies.   We do our best to provide them with the love and affection they deserve.  Our vet and Benchmark Animal Hospital will attest that prior to meeting our huskies she was not a husky fan, however, she loves our huskies.  Our babies are well trained and loved.

Finding the Right Puppy for You.

While color is always a factor in choosing a Pomsky, we believe that each baby is different.  By breeding the finest dogs with the best temperaments we can state that our babies will be similar, each baby is truly an individual.  We prefer to have a phone interview with our clients and to find out as much as we can about you when helping you find the right baby for your family.